Wednesday 21 February 2018 | 06:44
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 Report from Stew Wimbush: Anstice B v Bayley Cue

Roger Smith got a perfect snooker to beat Steve Smallwood on the black 63-60,Noel Stones never gave Jason Cooper a chance 76-0, 1-1,Rob Cook out potted John Darrock 76-46,1-2,Nigel Wallcroft played his normal solid frame (still unbeaten) in defeating Chris Durnham 51-10,2-2, and the best performance by any player we've seen this season so far by Noel Hitch (that's the last time anyone gets a free cup of tea ) he never missed a shot to end Anstice B's unbeaten start to the season beating Frank Williams who did nothing wrong 93-1 with breaks of 24 and 32 well played Noel and the rest of the Bayley Que lads good luck for the rest of the season.

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