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Telford Snooker League

Telford Snooker League

Welcome to the official website for the Telford Snooker League. Here you can find out all the latest news, announcements, results and fixtures for the league.

Division 1-
Mad D 0 () Mad A 5 (Leigh France, Shaun Harris, Phil Davies, Ian Duffy, Ian Skelton); Edn A 2 (Lewis Round, Michael Mancini) Bro A 3 (Mark Worsdal, Craig Griffiths, Terry Askew); Had B 3 (Ken Booty, Laki Badhan, Aaron McCann) Shi E 2 (Chris Griffiths, Sean Cross); Shi B 4 (Matthew Davies, Aaron Sparkes, Lynsay Knox, John Fallows) Daw A 1 (Sean Nolan); Bay E 3 (Andy OBrien, Ali Jones, Dave Beyer) Had A 2 (Paul Lloyd, Andy Kendrick); New B 4 (Wally Harper, Colin Farge, Wayne Weeks, Les Stirling) Bay B 1 (Chris Smith); Mad C 1 (Joe Oliver) Mad E 4 (Andy Jones, Simon Yeates, Mark Wall, Tony Garmson);
Division 2+
Match Reports
2015 / 2016 LEAGUE WINNERS
   HIGHEST BREAK   Mat Davies - Shifnal B (135) 
   MOST WINS   Mat Davies - Shifnal B (24) 
     John Fallows - Shifnal B (24) 
     Shaun Harris - Maddocks A (24) 
   HIGHEST BREAK   Neil Pearson - Maddocks F (56) 
   MOST WINS   Chris Morgan Adams - Bayley D (22) 
This seasons presentation evening will be on FRIDAY 20TH MAY at Sir john Bayley Club in Wellington. PLEASE NOTE: you must attend to claim your cash award - prizes cannot be held for you or carried over. Any donations of raffle prizes would be more than welcome!
Andy Kendrick | Fri 22 Apr (14:51)
Several players have enquired about learning more about refereeing and I have agreed with Steve Fletcher & Rob Wright (Senior refs for the Region) that they are willing to run a session for anyone who either wishes to learn more or indeed wishing to become a qualified ref themselves. I have a few names already but if you are interested please let me know asap so we can set up a session locally. Contact me to enquire or to book a place either by phone or email. Noel 07816 325499 or
Noel Hitch | Thu 7 Jan (13:19)
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