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Telford Snooker League

Telford Snooker League

Welcome to the official website for the Telford Snooker League. Here you can find out all the latest news, announcements, results and fixtures for the league.

Division 1-
Bay B 3 (Kev West, Craig Baugh, Garry Owen) Edn A 2 (Chris Morris, Lewis Round); Edn G 2 (Rich Jones, Darren Leneveu) Bay E 3 (Andy OBrien, Ali Jones, Dave France); Mad E 0 () Shi B 5 (Aaron Sparkes, Matthew Davies, Nick Brown, Lynsay Knox, John Fallows); Daw C 5 (Steve Clayton, Michael Mancini, Zenon Lembicz, Darren Weston, Paul Lloyd) Had B 0 ();
Division 2+
Match Reports


CHRIS WARD: Paul Lloyd 3-0 Mick Reynolds; Garry Owen 2-3 Paz Chande; Lewis Round 1-3 Keith Price; Ian Duffy 3-0 John Davies; Phil Davies 3-0 Chris Petford; James O'Hara 1-3 Ade Henry; Gareth Lloyd 3-0 Steve Minshall; Tony Lloyd 0-3 Dan Morris; Shaun Harris 3-0 Craig Reynolds; Steve Powell 3-1 Tommy Mulholland; 

DOUBLES:  D Weston/Z Lembicz 2-0 J Langley/K Wilson; A Kendrick/A Turner W/O L Goodman/ J Davies; J Rawlins/M Mancini 2-0 C Morgan-Adams/A Smith; D Oliver/C Baugh 1-2 D Harris/J Beckett; M Davies (66 break)/J Fallows 2-1 T Maxfield (54)/D Morris; I Duffy/S Harris 2-0 M Reynolds/A Moore; D Downward/A Turner 1-2 S Taylor/P Chande;  C Smith/K West W/O P Lloyd/S Minshall;

JOHN BETHEL: John Rawlins 2-1 Ross Bowater; Garry Owen 2-0 Josh Devey; Karl Wilson W/O Liam Goodman; Gurd Singh & Mokesh Mehmi (both scratched); Dan Morris W/O Tony Morgan; James Beckett 2-1 Dave Downward; Aaran McCann 2-1 Tony Lloyd; Gareth Lloyd 2-0 Mike Healey; Jimmy Langley 0-2 Chris Smith; Phil Dix W/O Brian McMillan;  

NEV WHITEHEAD HANDICAP:  Chris Smith 2-0 John Davies; Dan Morris 2-0 Jimmy Langley; Ian Duffy 0-2 Craig Reynolds; Ade Henry 2-1 Adam Moore; Liam Goodman W/O Dave France; Chris Morgan-Adams (44 break) 2-1 Steve Powell; Stu Taylor 0-2 Gareth Lloyd; Keith Price 0-2 Tommy Mulholland; Lewis Round 2-1 Lucas Benbow; Phil Dix 1-2 Mick Reynolds;  

OVER 55: Zenon Lembicz 2-0 Ron Broad; Mick Reynolds 2-0 Tony Lloyd; Geoff French W/O Dave France;  Zenon Lembicz 2-0 Mike Healey;  

UNDER 25: Craig Baugh 2-1 Ross Bowater; Lewis Round (50 & 38 breaks) 2-0 Lucas Benbow;

OVER 40: Chris Morgan-Adams W/O Adam Moore; Ade Henry 2-0 Sean Cross; Darren Weston 2-1 Craig Reynolds; Jimmy Langley 0-2 Paul Lloyd; Chris Petford 1-2 Noel Stones; Paz Chande 0-2 Spencer Rowley; Mick Reynolds 2-0 Tony Lloyd; Noel Hitch W/O Stu Taylor; 

TREBLES:  K Price/A Henry/S Nolan 195-201 L France/P Davies/S Harris; P Chande/S Taylor/D Downward lost to C Morgan-Adams/R Wright/S Fletcher; P Dix/K Booty/L Badhan W/O S Powell/C Reynolds/R Jones;

The draw for the first round of the team knockout to be played on WEDNESDAY 14th DECEMBER is now available under the COMPETITIONS tab. HANDICAPS NOW AWARDED.
Andy Kendrick | Thu 8 Dec (21:45)
DON'T GET SCRATCHED, GET YOUR MATCHES PLAYED AND RESULTS TO ME BY SUNDAY 18TH DECEMBER 2016 OVER 55 QUARTER FINAL: Noel Stones v Geoff French; John Rawlins v Tony Morgan UNDER 25 QUARTER FINAL: James O'Hara v Josh Devey; Ben Godding v Will O'Hara; Lewis Round v Ryan Dudley
Noel Hitch | Wed 7 Dec (00:29)
Eden G will play their remaining home fixtures this season from Shifnal War Memorial Club.
Andy Kendrick | Thu 17 Nov (19:49)
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