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Telford Snooker League

Telford Snooker League

Welcome to the official website for the Telford Snooker League. Here you can find out all the latest news, announcements, results and fixtures for the league.

Division 1-
Edn G 4 (Rich Jones, Craig Reynolds, Graham Copson, Roy Leneveu) Bay B 1 (Kelvin McCleod); Shi B 4 (Tom Mulholland, John Fallows, Matthew Davies, Lynsay Knox) Edn A 1 (Lewis Round); Daw A 2 (Sean Nolan, Adam Moore) Mad A 3 (Phil Davies, Leigh France, Ian Duffy);
Division 2+
Match Reports



PRELIM: Andy O'Brien beat Chris Smith; Lewis Round beat Tom Mulholland; Kev West beat Tony Lloyd; Mick Reynolds beat Dan Morris; Gareth Lloyd beat Craig Baugh; Tom Maxfield beat Gary Owen.

LAST 16: Tom Maxfield beat Mick Reynolds; Gareth Lloyd beat Ken Davies; Darren Weston beat Steve Powell; Lewis Round beat Sam Roberts; Michael Mancini beat Kev West; Paul Lloyd beat Andy O'Brien; Kelvin McLeod beat John Rawlins; Craig Reynolds beat Dave Beyer.    


PRELIM:  Ben Godding 49-42 Mark Hebden; Dave Dudley 59-14 Will O'Hara; Ryan Dudley 64-29 Kelly Cooper; Dave Downward 64-50 Maj Ilyas; Mike Wainwright (38 break)77-19 Dean Harris. 

LAST 32:   Karl Wilson 47-35 Lucas Benbow; Noel Hitch 51-8 Darren Hoof; Ben Godding 67-30 Barry Roden; Dave Dudley 59-16 Stu Taylor; James O'Hara (29 break)61-3 Iain Atkinson; Tony Morgan 53-21 Jason Cooper; Paul Rhodes 42-26 Dave Downward; Jimmy Langley 21-0 (conceded)Rich Benting; Dave Finney 56-27 Josh Devey; Ashley Kent 72-55 (23 break) Mike Wainwright; Ian Cleary 53-34 Richie Heighway; Andy Garbett 66-29 John Davies; Chris Morgan-Adams (29 break) 73-2 Terry Askew; James Hayward 54-21 Mike Thompson; Mark Beddall 45-35 Steve Dawes; Noel Stones (27 break) 45-28 Ryan Dudley 

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OUTSTANDING PRELIM MATCHES NEED TO BE PLAYED & RESULTS TO ME BY SUNDAY 30TH OCTOBER: CHRIS WARD: L Goodman v S Harris; J Langley v G Owen; L Cross v I Duffy; J Beckett v J Davies; P Chande v C Baugh; D Downward v L Round; HANDICAP: S Cross v M Mehmi; K West v L Badhan; D Morris v G Singh; K Wilson v L Round; A Henry v B McMillan; S Rowley v C Petford OVER 40: D Downward v S Cross; C Reynolds v P Dix
Noel Hitch | Mon 24 Oct (11:10)
The draw for the first round has now been made which sees Telford A away to Shrewsbury FRIDAY 25TH NOVEMBER 8PM START (playing at Meole Brace Bowling Club,SY3 9JF), Telford B away to Bridgnorth A FRIDAY 4TH NOVEMBER 8PM START (venue Chelmarsh) and Telford C have a bye. TELFORD A: Paul Lloyd; Matt Davies; Ian Duffy; Darren Weston; John Fallows; Tom Maxfield; Shaun Harris; Zenon Lembicz TELFORD B: Mick Reynolds; Craig Reynolds; Sean Nolan; Keith Price; Adam Moore; Mark Jones; Ade Henry; Mike Dorey; Nigel Wallcroft; Laki Badhan; Steve Powell TELFORD C: Noel Hitch; Ben Godding; Tommy Mulholland; Aaron Sparkes; Michael Mancini; Lewis Round; Gareth Lloyd; Craig Baugh; Steve Fletcher; Andy Kendrick; Chris Morgan-Adams; Rob Withington; Tony Lloyd
Andy Kendrick | Sat 22 Oct (16:17)
NEV WHITEHEAD HANDICAP: John Rawlins 0-2 Tommy Mulholland; Darren Weston 0-2 Keith Price; Ade Smith 2-0 Tony Lloyd; Noel Hitch 2-1 Craig Baugh; Paul Lloyd 2-1 Ben Godding; Phil Davies 2-1 James Beckett; Steve Powell 2-1 Gary Owen; OVER 40: Paul Lloyd (53 break) 2-0 Ian Duffy; Gurd Singh 0-2 Ade Henry; Keith Price 0-2 Chris Morgan-Adams; Jimmy Langley 2-0 Steve Powell; Darren Weston 2-0 Chris Smith; JOHN BETHEL: Chris Smith 2-0 Dean Harris; Ken Booty 2-1 Steve Minshall; James O'Hara 2-0 John Davies; James O'Hara W/O Spencer Rowley; CHRIS WARD: Tommy Mulholland 3-0 John Rawlins; Noel Hitch 3-0 Karl Wilson; Steve Powell W/O Mokesh Mehmi; Sean Cross 0-3 Phil Davies; Adam Moore 3-2 Chris Morgan-Adams; Darren Weston 3-0 Ben Godding; Paul Lloyd W/O Brian McMillan; DOUBLES: R Dudley/D Dudley 2-0 J Devey/R Bowater; S Powell/C Reynolds (38 break) 2-1 C Morris/G Singh;
Noel Hitch | Tue 18 Oct (11:48)
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