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Telford Snooker League

Telford Snooker League

Welcome to the official website for the Telford Snooker League. Here you can find out all the latest news, announcements, results and fixtures for the league.

Division 1-
Bay B 3 (Garry Owen, Dan Oliver, Chris Smith) Shi F 2 (Chris Petford, Gareth Lloyd); Edn A 1 (Gurd Singh) Daw C 4 (Michael Mancini, Steve Clayton, Paul Lloyd, Zenon Lembicz); Had B 5 (Ken Booty, Damien Currier, Aaron McCann, Laki Badhan, Phil Dix) Mad E 0 (); Daw A 4 (Sean Nolan, Keith Price, Adam Moore, Mick Reynolds) Edn G 1 (Craig Reynolds); Shi B 5 (Matthew Davies, Aaron Sparkes, John Fallows, Mick Brezwyn, Lynsay Knox) Bay E 0 ();
Division 2+
Match Reports

The first champions of the season have been crowned as the divisional individuals have been won by: MICHAEL MANCINI (Div 1) & JAMES HAYWARD (Div 2). Congratulations to both.

The draw interestingly kept the Bayley and Maddocks players apart and the first semi final saw young gun Ben Godding take on stalwart Chris Morgan-Adams. Ben started brightly with a 24 break and looked set to take the opener before Chris hit back and looked to clear to pinch it on the black. However he broke down on 24 missing the final black, still trailing by 4 points. Ben stepped up and, attempting the double into the middle pocket, achieved a treble taking the frame 53-42. The second frame was a tale of missed pots before Ben again took control to seal the frame and his place in the final 54-27. The other semi final saw the two Maddocks players fight to join Ben. The first frame was a little nip and tuck as the lead changed hands before James O'Hara took it 56-45 over James Hayward. The second frame saw some good potting from Mr Hayward and a 21 break helped him level the match, winning 66-19. The deciding frame was again very close and could have gone either way before James Hayward's 25 clearance took it 79-31 to seal his place in the final. The Bayley's Ben Godding started strongly in the final and a 26 break helped him take the initiative 54-17. The next frame was a closer affair but Ben still looked favourite until a missed plant let James back into it. He didn't look back, clinching the frame 52-30 to take the final to a decider. The final frame, fittingly, was also a close contest with both players in good form. In the end it was a break of 24 off the last red which sealed the title ...and his first trophy ...for James Hayward.
Unfortunately due to work commitments, Lewis Round was unable to play thus leaving just 3 players to contest the title. Therefore it was agreed to play a round robin format then a one frame final between the top 2 from the round robin. First up was Dawley's Darren Weston who potted well including a nice 54 break to set the tone for the evening, in defeating Bayley's Kelvin McLeod 90-39. Next up for Kelvin was another Dawley potting machine, this time Michael Mancini. In the end it was Michael who got over the line 65-35. In the final game of the group stage it was Michael who edged past Darren in a close game winning 74-57. The momentum stayed with Michael in the final as he claimed the win 69-35 over his team mate and remained unbeaten throughout to take the title.
Congratulations chaps, I look forward to the other finals in the New Year

The draw for the next round of the team knockouts is now available under the COMPETITIONS tab - matches to be played WEDENESDAY 15TH FEB - handicaps will be awarded following the previous weeks league matches.
Andy Kendrick | Mon 23 Jan (09:00)
Please make a note of this years annual presentation evening which is going to be held on FRIDAY 19TH MAY 2017 at SIR JOHN BAYLEY CLUB. Please come along to collect your cash prize and support the league!
Andy Kendrick | Fri 20 Jan (14:19)
It's the LAST 16 of the INTER TOWN competition this week and we have ALL OUR 3 TEAMS still involved which is a great achievement. All 3 face tough opposition so why not pop down and support the lads on FRIDAY 20TH, matches start at 8PM. TELFORD A host OLDBURY at SHIFNAL; TELFORD B travel to face SEDGLEY A and TELFORD C travel to Birmingham to face BEARWOOD. For more details contact Paul Lloyd 07811 552220 (Telford A); Mick Reynolds 07818 798023 (Telford B) or Noel Hitch 07816 325499 (Telford C). Good luck to all 3 teams and match reports will follow on here
Noel Hitch | Tue 17 Jan (13:00)
The draws for the CHRIS WARD; HANDICAP; JOHN BETHEL & DOUBLES QUARTER FINALS are all available now under the COMPETITIONS TAB. Good Luck
Noel Hitch | Mon 16 Jan (15:19)
OVER 40 QF: Noel Hitch 2-1 Spencer Rowley; UNDER 25 QF: Ben Godding 2-1 Will O'Hara; James O'Hara 2-0 Josh Devey; Lewis Round 2-0 Ryan Dudley; OVER 55 QF: Noel Stones 2-1 Geoff French; John Rawlins 2-0 Tony Morgan; HANDICAP: Tom Mulholland 1-2 Paul Lloyd; Sean Cross 2-0 Chris Smith; Laki Badhan 0-2 Chris Morgan-Adams; Mick Reynolds W/O Spencer Rowley; Gareth Lloyd 2-0 James O'Hara; Paz Chande 2-0 Lewis Round; Dan Morris 1-2 Craig Reynolds; DOUBLES: J Rawlins/M Mancini 2-1 I Duffy/S Harris; M Davies/J Fallows W/O J Beckett/D Harris; G Lloyd/S Rowley (GL 35)2-0 I Skelton/B Godding; S Cross/L Cross 0-2 L France/P Davies; C Reynolds/S Powell 2-0 C Smith/ K West; A Kendrick/A Turner 0-2 Z Lembicz/D Weston (DW62 break); JOHN BETHEL: Ryan Dudley 0-2 Phil Dix; John Rawlins 0-2 Laki Badhan; Dan Morris 1-2 Noel Hitch; Karl Wilson 0-2 Garry Owen; Gareth Lloyd 2-0 James O'Hara; CHRIS WARD: Darren Weston 0-3 Aaran McCann; Paul Lloyd (85 & 69 breaks) 3-0 Dan Morris; Ade Henry 3-2 Laki Badhan; Ian Duffy 1-3 Michael Mancini; Noel Hitch 3-2 Gurd Singh; Gareth Lloyd 0-3 Phil Davies;
Noel Hitch | Sun 11 Dec (15:19)
Eden G will play their remaining home fixtures this season from Shifnal War Memorial Club.
Andy Kendrick | Thu 17 Nov (19:49)
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