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Telford Snooker League

Telford Snooker League

Welcome to the official website for the Telford Snooker League. Here you can find out all the latest news, announcements, results and fixtures for the league.

Division 1-
Shi B 2 (Matthew Davies, John Fallows) Mad A 3 (Shaun Harris, Leigh France, Ian Duffy); Mad D 2 (Ian Courtney, Daz Hoof) Bay B 3 (Gary Owen, Tom Mulholland, Kelvin McCleod); Had A 3 (Steve Clayton, John Rawlins, Ian Eldridge) Shi A 2 (Steve Jones, Andy Carson); Mad C 2 (James Hayward, R. Heighway) Daw A 3 (Sean Nolan, Mick Reynolds, Adam Moore);
Division 2+
Division 3+
Match Reports


Division One

Phil Davies gave Matt Davies a scare with some good match play, but Matt had the better of the colours to take the opener. Shaun Harris gave a masterclass in how to dominate, and gave Aaron little chance before running out an easy winner including a lovely 44 clearance. Leigh swung the game in Maddocks favour by beating Simon in a tight 3rd frame,and in a dour 4th frame Ian battled hard and was to good for Angus, despite neither playing showing any decent form. John and Dave battled out what would have been a good decider,and john snatched an important point for Shifnal, but Maddocks ran out worthy winners in the end.

Hadley A recorded thier first win of the season against Shifnal A. Steve Clayton won the opener in a good amtch when he fluked the black. Mick Collins, a very good pool player as yet to get his first win, although I believe apart from the miss rule he has come very close to that win. This week Steve Jones won that frame for Shifnal. John Rawlings also looked to be winning his frame comfortable, but then Mark Jones came back, and a tight frame was won by John in the end on the pink.  Highlight of the evening was the frame between Eddie Mullard who opened with a 23 break, but a then that was followed by a tremendous break of 60 an out of form Ian Eldridge. Some of his potting was stunning to say the least. Last up was Alan Turner playing Andy Carson. Alan tried to keep up with Andy, but with good potting and safety to compliment that, Andy won well in the end.


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The draws for this competition are now available under the COMPETITIONS tab at the top of this page - all matches to be played WED 5th NOVEMBER at the designated venues.
Andy Kendrick | Fri 17 Oct (09:22)
The JOHN BETHEL individual competition is open to all players who have not won any of the Individual, Doubles or Trebles tournaments. In other words if you have finished runner up in any of these events OR won anything in the league you are still entitled to enter this competition.
Andy Kendrick | Fri 17 Oct (08:50)
ANSTICE A (Playing from Broseley)
NOTICE TO DIV 1 TEAMS - Unfortunately Anstice are unable to field a team this season and this therefore becomes a BYE.
Andy Kendrick | Tue 23 Sep (17:15)
The entry form for individual competitions has now been posted in all clubs. You can also download the form by clicking on the NEWS tab above. CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES IS FRIDAY 24TH OCTOBER.
Andy Kendrick | Wed 3 Sep (20:52)
The Under 21 Individual Competition has been extended to Under 25's.
Andy Kendrick | Wed 3 Sep (20:51)
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