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Telford Snooker League

Telford Snooker League

Welcome to the official website for the Telford Snooker League. Here you can find out all the latest news, announcements, results and fixtures for the league.

Division 1-
Bro 5 (Tony Watkins, Mick Brezwyn, Tom Maxfield, Simon McLeod, John Banks) Mad C 0 (); Daw A 5 (Sean Nolan, Pete Nolan, Mark Jones, Callum Wraight, Roger Davies) Shi C 0 (); Ans A 5 (Keith Price, Darren Weston, Neil Price, Simon Yeats, Ian Duffy) Ans C 0 (); Shi B 5 (Matthew Davies, Aaron Sparkes, John Fallows, Angus Way, Lynsay Knox) Had A 0 (); Mad A 4 (Phil Davies, Shaun Harris, Ian Skelton, Leigh France) Bay B 1 (Craig Baugh);
Division 2+
Division 3+
Match Reports

Division One.

This week saw Shifnal A playing Hadley A. One team trying to stay in the first division and one trying to win the title. In the first frame Matt Davies took advantage of the miss rule after playing a really good safety shot to put Steve behind the yellow ball. Steve would have it the reds with more pace, but in trying to get a safe result, missed three attempts. After finally hitting the object ball, Matt then proceeded to knock in a cracking 102 break. Next up, Aaron Sparkes safety and ptting was too much for Alan Turner, 2-0 to Shifnal. Mich Hughes again played so well to get in front of John Fallows, but with one of the best clearances I have seen, made a break of 45 stealing the frame from Mick and landing the first division title for the Shifnal lads. Angus Way compounded the Hadley teams future by beatin Andy Kendrick. Hopefully Hadley will have a side to compete at the start of the next season. Congatulations to Shifnal A.


Once again not many reports from our snooker teams, please make an effort next season, only takes a couple of minutes. Hope you are all back playing next year. 

The AGM for this season will be held at BAYLEY CLUB on THURSDAY 17TH JULY at 7.30pm prompt. Any proposals to be considered should be forwarded in writing to League Secretary Alan Turner no later than 3rd JULY. PLEASE NOTE - proposals can not be made on the night.
Andy Kendrick | Thu 17 Apr (21:28)
The vast majority of teams have voted in favour of keeping the current 5 man team format and therefore this will remain in place next season.
Andy Kendrick | Thu 17 Apr (21:26)
This seasons annual presentation will be held at MADDOCKS on FRIDAY 16TH MAY 2014. As in previous years you must attend to collect your cash award so please put this date in your diary.
Andy Kendrick | Fri 17 Jan (09:10)
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