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Telford Snooker League

Telford Snooker League

Welcome to the official website for the Telford Snooker League. Here you can find out all the latest news, announcements, results and fixtures for the league.

Division 1-
Bay B 0 () Edn G 5 (Craig Reynolds, Steve Powell, Graham Copson, Rich Jones, Roy Leneveu); Edn A 3 (Lewis Round, Sam Roberts, Dan Morris) Shi B 2 (Matthew Davies, Aaron Sparkes);
Division 2+
Match Reports


Tom Maxfield opened up for Telford against Luke Higginbotham. Tom pots a great first red and manages to compile a fantastic break of 44 with some superb fast potting. Tom then manages to open up a 58 point lead and when left another opportunity the 'Ginger Magician' rattles in another break of 22 after which Luke concedes the frame.
Frame score 81-5. 1-0 to Telford
On the other table Shifnal man John Fallows is up against the full time tour player Callum Downing who on his last visit to Shifnal knocked in a 130 break. John starts well potting a good first red but unfortunately misses a blue which lets Callum in who makes a break of 38. John comes back to the table and is very unlucky to go in off to which Callum replies with another break of 28. John concedes the frame.
Frame score 76-14. Match score 1-1
Frame 3 and its 'Maximum Man' Matt Davies v Oldbury's Jamie Brown a semi finalist in last years English Amateur. Matt gets in first with a great long red but breaks down on 12. Jamie doubles a red and makes 20 before running out of position. With good safety play from both players Matt eventually manages to pot a fantastic long red and compiles a break of 29 to open up a 37 point lead with only 35 remaining. When Jamie pots the last red and misses the pink he concedes the frame and explains that some of the balls Matt was potting on the table he thought he was playing 9 ball!!
Frame score 60-24. Match score 2-1 to Telford
Frame 4 on the other table saw 'Lightning' Ian Duffy up against the experienced Milan Krstanovic. Milan gets in first with a break of 34 and when he runs out of position he puts Ian in a really good snooker. Ian narrowly misses the escape and from this Milan makes another solid break of 46. Ian the hero of the last round who never had a chance to get going concedes the frame.
Frame score 92-11. Match score 2-2
Frame 5 sees Telford's Captain Paul Lloyd up against the experienced Oldbury captain Neil Beckley. After a few good safety exchanges from both players Paul gets in first potting a fantastic long red but unfortunately snookers himself behind the pack of reds. With no easy escape Paul makes a great effort to play off 3 cushions to hit the green but narrowly misses. With 2 reds over corner pockets much to everyone' surprise Oldbury's captain applies the miss rule. After 6 attempts and with no prospect of Neil wanting to play the game in the right spirit, Paul pushes the white out of the pack and leaves his opponent with no choice but to play on from which he makes a good break of 44. When the break finally breaks down Paul is left a chance to still turn things around and win the frame but misses a red in the middle pocket and duly concedes.
Frame score 98-45. Match score 3-2 Oldbury    
Frame 6 sees Telford's 'Mr Temperament' Darren Weston go up against Oldbury's West Mids snooker veteran Roy Stokes. This is a close one all the way through with both players potting well and playing some good safety. With everything hinging on the colours and the possibility of Telford going out of the competition 4-2 Darren is left a chance on the pink to steal the frame. Needing both pink and black Darren pots a superb long pink. With the black on its spot its looking good but unfortunately the white keeps travelling and eventually comes to a halt in the jaws of the corner pocket. Much to everyone's surprise Darren calmly drops the black in and Telford are all square 3-3!
Frame score 64-54. Match score 3-3
Frame 7 the decider sees Telford veteran Shaun Harris up against the little known Dave Green from Oldbury. Shaun rolling back the years gets off to a flyer after a simple missed red from his opponent and compiles a magnificent break of 62. A missed red into the middle when the magic 100 seemed likely sees end of break. With 7 reds left score is Telford 62 Oldbury 0. Dave comes to the table and makes a remarkable 47 break from nowhere. 
1 red left and only 15 points between the 2 players. After a period of around 10 minutes of solid safety play from both players and now only 7 points separating the teams the atmosphere was electric. Shaun is eventually presented with a long green which he pots superbly and takes brown and blue leaving Oldbury needing a snooker. Shaun pots pink and Telford are jubilant!
Frame score 82-59. Telford win 4-3!
Fantastic team effort from all the players and a special thank you to Chris at Shifnal War Memorial for laying on a superb buffet after the match! (Thanks to Paul Lloyd for the report)
A full listing of all the competition finals can be found under the FINALS DIARY tab at the top of this page - this will be updated on a regular basis so you can see where and when all the semi and finals will be taking place.
Andy Kendrick | Tue 21 Feb (17:19)
The draw for the semi finals of both team knockouts is now available under the COMPETITIONS tab - handicaps will be awarded following the previous weeks league matches.
Andy Kendrick | Tue 21 Feb (17:11)
TELFORD A travel to Pockets Snooker Club to take on KIDDERMINSTER this FRIDAY 24TH FEBRUARY with an 8pm start. GOOD LUCK TO PAUL LLOYD AND HIS TEAM AS THEY LOOK TO MAKE THE LAST 4. If you're free on Friday I'm sure the lads would be glad of the support, after all they are representing our league, our town
Noel Hitch | Tue 21 Feb (14:48)
Check out our new Facebook page at TELFORD SNOOKER LEAGUE - Thanks to Josh Devey from Bayley Lads for setting it all up.
Andy Kendrick | Sun 19 Feb (11:10)
DON'T GET SCRATCHED, CLOSING DATES ARE LOOMING : ALL REMAINING QUARTER FINALS TO BE PLAYED BY SUNDAY 26TH FEBRUARY Outstanding results: CHRIS WARD: Phil Davies v Keith Price JOHN BETHEL: Noel Hitch v Aaran McCann; Laki Badhan v Phil Dix; Ken Booty v Garry Owen; Gareth Lloyd v Paz Chande DOUBLES: J Rawlins/M Mancini v D Weston/Z Lembicz; S Rowley/G Lloyd v A McCann/P Dix; HANDICAP: Mick Reynolds v Chris Morgan-Adams
Noel Hitch | Wed 1 Feb (13:29)
CHRIS WARD QF: Ade Henry 3-1 Aaran McCann; Paul Lloyd (62) 3-0 Noel Hitch; Michael Mancini 3-2 Shaun Harris; OVER 40 QF: Darren Weston 0-2 Noel Stones; Chris Morgan-Adams 1-2 Ade Henry TREBLES QF: M Mancini (30 break)/A Moore (69 break)/M Reynolds 219-71 S Fletcher/R Wright/C Morgan-Adams; P Lloyd/D Weston/Z Lembicz 148-186 L France/S Harris/P Davies; P Dix/K Booty/L Badhan 139-167 L Round/D Morris/T Maxfield; J O'Hara/D France/N Pearson 151-113 C Smith/C Baugh/K McLeod; HANDICAP QF: Gareth Lloyd 0-2 Craig Reynolds; Paul Lloyd W/O Paz Chande; Ade Henry 1-2 Sean Cross; DOUBLES QF: M Davies (60 CL)/J Fallows 2-0 R Dudley/D Dudley; L France/P Davies 1-2 C Reynolds/S Powell;
Noel Hitch | Wed 1 Feb (12:59)
Please make a note of this years annual presentation evening which is going to be held on FRIDAY 19TH MAY 2017 at SIR JOHN BAYLEY CLUB. Please come along to collect your cash prize and support the league!
Andy Kendrick | Fri 20 Jan (14:19)
Eden G will play their remaining home fixtures this season from Shifnal War Memorial Club.
Andy Kendrick | Thu 17 Nov (19:49)
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